Focused Attention – Glutes (Booty)

I am a firm believer that pushing yourself in the Penance Achieve class workout 4x a week is more than sufficient to help someone take control of their health and:

  • Build Strength
  • Burn Fat
  • Strengthen and heal joint issues
  • All around age athletically (be able to participate in any activity that they choose, and not regret it the next day!)

However, I understand that quite often more specific goals or issues do arise. And more often that goal is something that even the member does not consider critical enough to invest in Personal Training. I get that.

*Now if we’re talking about some kind of pain or joint dysfunction, I can not stress the value of Personal Training enough, as we’ve been able to do some incredible things to heal and repair knees, backs, shoulders, elbows, etc…

For these goals, a bit of “extra credit” might be just what the doctor ordered.

So let’s talk about 1 that I have gotten most recently – “I want to focus on my backside more.”

For this I am going to go against the influencers with their booty bands. They may make your cheeks burn, but that’s about it.

Instead, we’re going to put a bit more intensity in the mix – something that you can hit hard for 5-10 minutes and KNOW you did something!

There are 2 tremendous options that perfectly fit this need. Be sure and know I would not advise trying to do both in 1 day. I would recommend 1-3 extra credit workouts a week, alternating between them.

Gut Squats

50 reps as fast as possible! Be sure to always hit full depth on each squat. Simple & effective, period!

Don’t underestimate this. If done right this hits the glutes very effectively.

Hardstyle KB Swing

5-10 Swings per hand every minute for 5 to 10 minutes. Every rep is meant to be done with as much effort and force as possible. This is why you see a range of reps, if you feel yourself starting to pace effort, cut the reps back.

If you’re doing this right, you will feel your cheeks burn and burn through a tremendous amount of calories!

I feel as though I must say this as well.

Nothing is going to make much of a difference if you only do it once. As with everything, the key is to keep be consistent in your efforts and work to progressively move forward. In the case of these to options that could mean moving faster or working with a heavier weight.

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