FAQ: Why is Your Gym Named “Penance”

Another question that I get from new members quite often, “Why did you name your gym Penance? Is it meant to be religious?” or something along those lines.

Let’s get into this.

I chose Penance not due to its usage within religious terminology, but for a different meaning.

I was a bit of a comic book nerd growing up and was always fascinated by the thought of beings (human or not) that were capable of things that were practically unfathomable to the rest of us. There was 1 character development that happened just a few years before I opened the gym that really captured my interest.

I’ll save you the long story: an arrogant hero by the name of Speedball inadvertently allowed a massive tragedy (an explosion that killed hundreds) and due to his conscience is only able to use his powers when he is in pain – more accurately, the more pain he endures the more powerful he is.

He then changes his name to Penance as he feels that needing to endure the pain is his penance for his previous mistakes.

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

It is not the need for penance that inspired our name, but rather the growth or capability, strength, and power through discomfort. 1 simple fact will always remain true:

There will be times in life that are uncomfortable or painful

I want to help people learn to be stronger when they need to be, to meet and overcome the trials and tribulations that life will put in front of them. To rise to the challenge.

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