FAQ: Helpful Accessories for Penance Members

Coming to you today to offer a short list of training accessories that Penance athletes & members might find helpful – it will be a very short list as there’s no reason to have a gym bag full of accessories when training at Penance.

Hand protection – this will look different for those with different backgrounds. Those from a CrossFit background will think gymnastic grips while globo-gym goers will think gloves. Neither are wrong. When I first started training intensely with Kettlebells I was instructed to cut a 2 inch section out of crew socks and use that section as palm protection – and it worked!

There are many options for this, and it could easily be an entire article just discussing the differences… If you have any questions regarding recommendations just email me Clint@PenanceGym.com

Something to keep in mind: Hand protection works by reducing friction to your hands. Friction is what makes it easier to hold on to whatever implement you’re working with. Reducing friction means it will be a bit harder to hold on to your implement, but the skin of your hand will not suffer.

Wrist Sweatbands – Double purpose here, these will help keep your hands dry and provide a bit of cushion/padding for Kettlebell exercises such as Cleans, Snatches, Presses, Get-ups, etc…

Not to mention these can be picked up for less that $10 from Amazon or Walmart.

Bonus: Make you look a bit like the Genie from Aladin!

Coming soon:

Accessories that you won’t need at Penance.

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