Daily Nutrition – Coach Stephanie

A Day in the Life of Coach Stephanie Taylor

Hey y’all! 

When Clint first asked me to write out what I eat for a day, I sort of cringed. I’ll be the first to admit my nutrition has fallen in the last several months… 6-7 months ago I was eating the best I ever had (strictly following RP), and I could tell a difference in the gym. I was faster, didn’t feel sluggish, just all around better than when I didn’t really care what I ate. I know what I SHOULD be eating, but life happens- kids, school, housework, you name it… it all starts to take priority over myself. Also know that I do have a sweet tooth, and at least once a day I will have something sweet, whether it be candy, pie, or ice cream! This is a typical day for me lately. I tend to eat the same thing everyday just cause it’s easier. 


Breakfast- two scrambled eggs, piece of toast. Cup or two of coffee (I’m very proud of myself with my coffee, I’ve learned to back away from the sugary creamers and now just use a little plain powdered stuff or black)

Lunch- peanut butter sandwich with local honey, fruit and not gonna lie, usually a few chips. 

Snack- usually about an hour before I workout I’ll eat an apple and a string cheese. 

After workout- somedays I’ll drink a Driven protein shake with creatine, and some days I’ll drink a BCAA with creatine. Just depends on what I grab. 

Dinner- I try to cook dinner every night, and I’ll eat whatever I cook. Varies from spaghetti, tacos, or a lot of times Joey will grill a meat and I’ll make a salad and a potato. I always try to have a vegetable or two with whatever it is as I want the boys to be eating well. 


Looking at this I see where I can tweak things, add in greens, take out the chips…

All that being said, as we were traveling this weekend I listened to the Ben Bergeron podcast on nutrition that Clint mentioned in his post Monday. It’s simple and easy and I think it will work for me. Palm sized protein, carb, and as many veggies as you can eat 3-4 times a day. It takes some effort, and it has always helped to grill and meal prep on Sundays. 

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