Building Strength and our Comfort Zone

Today, Wednesday July 6th, at Penance Gym we have what we call Heavy Day.

Heavy Day is where our strength portion extends to a much larger portion of the class than we normally allot. Today we actually have upwards of 30-35 minutes to work on just one movement pattern – the upper body pulling from overhead, in other words pulling down.

For some people this might look almost boring because you have all that time to only work on one pattern or one movement. On a day like this you have to remember the intention of the workout. And make no mistake, everything that I program at Penance Gym has an intended purpose – it has a reason behind it. If anybody ever walked in the door and asked “why are you doing that?” I would have a concrete answer ready to go.

The reason behind Heavy Day is to give people a reason to slow down and truly focus on one pattern – and for most people this is going to be the day where they get to expand their comfort zone on a movement pattern.

So today being upper body pulling, pull ups are an option in there and for a lot of people that have never done a pull-up – and in a typical workout they’re never going to even attempt it because it would slow them down. They would have to stop and rest, then make their attempt, and potentially fail at it… and then what do you do?! Once you fail what do you do – it just it throws a wrench in their workout!

That’s where Heavy Day comes in!

You’re already having to slow down and focus – this is a day that is set aside to make attempts, failure is ok, but we keep pushing ourselves!

We actually had one person who got 2/3 of the way up on her very first strict pull-up ever! This had been a kind of side goal for her for the last year and I’ll be damned if she didn’t do 5 to 7 reps like that – almost got there, and a little closer each time!

This is no easy feat, and every time she came down with a bigger smile and more excitement about her progress and what she was accomplishing.

The purpose of a Heavy Day is to expand your comfort zone with either weight or exercise progression.

For those that want to be sure that they get their heart rate up and break a good sweat – Heavy Days are always followed by some kind of three to seven minute finisher where you really have get to dig deep and have a gut check moment.

Thank you guys for reading I hope you found this helpful and educational.

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