Building Confidence in Young Ladies

We often talk about “bright spots” within Penance Gym.

These are the things that brighten up your day.

Some of them are things that happen in the gym – lifted a weight that we haven’t before, ran a faster mile, etc.

Some of them are a result of the work that we put in at the gym – accomplishing a 5k, weeding a garden, cleaning out an attic, etc.

Some are completely separate from the gym.

Either way, they are things that brighten our day.

Mine this week is coaching a young lady (a Penance Achieve member) to successfully pick up and carry a 100 pound sandbag.

Why is this so big to me? Because teaching teen girls to embrace what their body is capable of builds an unshakable confidence. Confidence that will last a lifetime and could lead to great things!

This could be a huge stepping stone toward her future success (in anything)!

I hope everyone had a great week, enjoy your weekend.

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