Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time

The majority of people that come into Penance Gym start with body composition goals. Body composition as in lower body fat percentage, increased muscle mass, or both.

The conventional thinking is that building muscle and burning fat will require 2 separate activities, hours of steady state cardio and hours of weight training per week. Meaning someone should prepare to be in the gym for 2-3 hours each day… That’s a tall order, especially for someone that is trying to create this habit from nothing.

There’s a much better way – and it’s not complicated!

Before I continue, I should point out that without proper fuel (nutrition) any exercise program is absolutely destined to fail. The longer you wait to get your nutrition right, the more progress you leave on the table!

Use a timer

There are so many set ups and options here but the purpose/intention is always the same, over the long term to perform more work in less time.

We utilize a timer with almost all of our training in Penance. This gives our members a better way to monitor and gauge their progress over the long-haul.

Penance Athletics

Our Penance Athletics programs typically follow an Escalating Density Training format, which is arguably the most effective (and simplest) method to build strength and muscle. Add to this that some of the Penance Athletics training sessions are capped off with Finishers – simple pieces meant to be completed as quickly as possible. A great example of 1 of our Finishers is the 50 Sandbag Squats for time.

Penance Achieve – Adult Group Class

Our Penance Achieve group’s training typically consists of Strength portions that could be classified as HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – short and intense bursts of effort followed by longer periods of rest. We found this to be the sweet spot between the typical weight room lifting practices (complete rest between sets) and the other end of the spectrum, bootcamp-style workouts (practically no rest between sets). This allows our members to actually push their weight selection – along with their strength development – while keeping their metabolism kicking.

The Achieve workouts are mostly Circuits done on Intervals. This allows each individual member to move at their own pace while pushing through the workouts. The biggest benefit here is that a stronger or better conditioned athlete is going to be able to push their pace & weight and do more work during the workout – while a newer, weaker, or less conditioned athlete will be able to slow down and focus on their movements without feeling like they are slowing down the class.

If done correctly, there is no reason to be in the gym for more than 60 minutes. Get in – get it done – eat well (again, absolutely crucial!)

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