All Roads Lead to Rome – Different Paths to Success

Now that we’ve turned the wheel into 2021, if you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward with hope for a better year. With hope and optimism comes the opportunity for personal growth. We see a lot of that at Penance this time of the year. With the holidays behind us and the dark days of winter looming ahead, this is the time of year where we see the most potential new members contacting us. During the next three months, societally, we have fewer familial and social obligations than the rest of the year. So, it’s time to work on health and wellness goals and set the groundwork for success.

But in truth, hope and optimism don’t last long when we get to the nitty gritty of doing the hard work that it takes to change habits. And we can only help you reach your goals by affecting the way you live your life.  Many times, these goals are slowly (and sometimes very suddenly) pushed to the side because the reality of the daily grind of doing the same things repeatedly gets old. Fast. 

What sets us apart is our ability to recognize and put practices into place not only to prevent this from happening, but also in doing the work that it takes to keep you engaged, accountable and motivated.

We have 3 fitness options meant to meet your individual goals, needs and budget constraints. I’m going to get into all the touch points of each option below, so keep reading!

Group Classes

Workouts: Group classes are FUN! We have a lively, positive, and engaging atmosphere in our group classes that make workouts enjoyable. It is still a workout, so you need to be prepared to sweat and work hard, but the members who attend these classes like to have a good time! These workouts are programmed to give the widest range of members improved general fitness. The workouts are programmed in advance, so all you have to do is show up with your water bottle ready to go! A coach leads you through the whole process – explaining and demonstrating movements, fixing your form, and making individual adjustments when needed. (Ex: changing weights or adjusting movements to fit your individual abilities)

Availability: This is the strictest of all our options. We do have a class schedule that is set and posted on our website. So, you would need to make sure these class times fit your personal schedule. But there are a wide variety of times each day Monday through Friday to choose from – and even one on Saturday morning.

Accountability: Medium. With group classes, the majority of communication with your coach happens in-person during the course of the class. They’ll check with you regularly throughout the class, monitoring your progress in the workout, making sure you know what you’re doing and keeping you motivated to keep going. Once the class has completed, there is little communication that happens between coaches and clients. The real accountability for this program comes with the relationships you build with the other clients in class with you! Many times, clients will communicate with each other to be in the same class together. We have friends, couples and whole families who work out together in group classes.

Motivation: This offers the highest opportunity for external praise, which can be important in the beginning of your wellness journey. The coach will see your forward progress and not only acknowledge it immediately, but also encourage you to write it on our Bright Spots Board for me to broadcast to our membership at the end of the week. You will also receive encouragement and praise from your classmates. Despite the wide variety of fitness levels in group classes, everyone remembers what it was like to be brand new and they encourage new members through each workout.

Cost: This is the most economical option of the three because it is the least personalized. While you will get personal modifications during the workout, that’s where it ends. You will need to make sure to fit your schedule around our classes, and will be sharing the attention of the coach with the other members.

Who benefits most: Group classes are best for the person wanting to get healthy in a fun and social environment while remaining budget conscious. This person has vague (lose weight or tone up) or undefined (just get healthier!)  fitness goals and needs a jumping off point to get started. 

Remote Coaching

Workouts: This program starts with a fitness consultation with your coach. They will learn about your goals, your limitations, what equipment you have on hand – if any – and design your training specifically for you. Your workouts will be delivered to you to complete independently along with movement explanations, demonstrations and coaching cues. The major benefit to this program is the flexibility of your time! Up at 3am and can’t sleep? Get your workout in. Traveling for work or family obligations? Your workouts go with you. These workouts can be done in the gym, a hotel room, or your own living room. 

Availability: This option has the highest flexibility of the three because these workouts happen when you want them to. You decide when you’re going to complete your workouts. It can be the same time every day, or different times depending on your schedule. The only expectation is that you get them done!

Accountability: Medium to high. While you will have the independence to complete your workouts when and where you want, you will be accountable to your coach for your progress. You will be expected to track your results daily, and participate in weekly and monthly check-ins. Your coach will see when you skip workouts and make sure you’re getting what you need to get them done. 

Motivation: Remote coaching requires you to be your own motivation. Your coach will be monitoring your progress from afar, so you won’t have the benefit of daily, in-person encouragement like in a PT or group class setting. 

Cost: This is our mid-range option. While the personalized nature of your workouts makes this option slightly more expensive than group classes, you will not be constantly supervised by your coach.

Who benefits most: Remote coaching is best for two types of people: one who is committed to their fitness and doesn’t play around when it’s time to get the work done, and one whose personal schedule will not allow them to participate in group classes. Both types of people have personal goals that require more than group classes provide, but whose budget won’t allow for personal training. This person has specific wellness goals and is highly motivated to reach them. Remote coaching is good for someone who has good movement and form, and doesn’t need constant adjustment to perform exercises correctly. This person recognizes the value of the balance between coaching/accountability and autonomy.

Personal Training

Workouts: Similar to Remote Coaching, your workouts will be programmed specifically for you. The major difference is that you will be completing your workouts directly under the watchful eye of your coach.  You will show up to the gym at a predetermined time where your coach will progress you through each section of the workout. They will explain and demonstrate the movements in person, adjust your form when necessary so you fully benefit from each exercise, and progress you forward as you advance toward your goals. There are several benefits to this option – the greatest of which is the undivided attention of your coach. 

Availability: Medium to high. While more flexible than group classes, personal training appointments are only scheduled at the gym during regular business hours. 

Accountability: HIGH. Since your sessions are scheduled in advance, your coach is waiting on you to walk through the door for each one.  Your day’s workout is laid out before you even show up. Your coach is fully invested in your training sessions because they are giving you their two most valuable assets – their knowledge and their time. With this option, your coach will also check in on you in between sessions. They will want to know how your body reacts AFTER the workout to make your recovery as productive as possible. They’ll provide you with stretches and suggestions for how to alleviate muscle soreness and also to prepare you for your next training session. This program requires a lot of communication between you and your coach.

Motivation: Medium to high. Your coach’s job is to motivate you – especially in the beginning – but as you begin to see progress toward your goals, that will be all the motivation you need to keep going! They will still be there each step of the way making sure on difficult days that you keep moving forward.

Cost: This option is the most expensive due to its highly personalized structure. The training is individualized and this is also the most time intensive program for the coach.

Who benefits most: In reality, every single person who has wellness goals will benefit from personal training. This program can be utilized to work on both specific goals and also general fitness. The only separating factor with this program is cost. 

These are just a few of the highlights of each program. In order to truly determine what our clients need, everyone begins with a No-Sweat Intro. This consultation is an opportunity to match the right client with the right program – or even a combination! As each person has different needs, each consultation educates the client on what is best for them based on their individual determining factors – goals, limitations, lifestyle, and budget.

Having said all this, we know that we are not for everyone. When you join Penance, we are not just going to throw you into group classes or provide you access to the gym and/or equipment. There are facilities that will do both of those things. We are going to get to know you. Find out what you want and need, and then coach you and support you to the better life that you deserve.

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