The Ignite Guideline Series – #6

Be Patient

The very first guideline stated experts are now estimating that it takes 66 days to form new habits.  That means, until fitness becomes a habit for you, you won’t be able to feel or see solid results.  And if you don’t eliminate processed foods and sugars, eat more vegetables and whole foods, and drink lots of water – you may never see changes at all!!  You are not working on a 30-day body in our gym.  There is no magic combination of foods or supplements that will make you automatically shed pounds and feel more energized.  You are here to learn how to cultivate healthier habits.  And that takes time.

Be gentle with yourself.  Make a list of small milestones you want to celebrate – like when you reach your first weight loss goal, achieve a personal benchmark in the gym, or even walk up a flight of steps without becoming winded, etc.  It will give you something to look forward to if you also plan out your rewards for these milestones, too.  A new cooking tool to help meal prep go by easier or faster, treating yourself to a movie, or even new bath products for a night of at-home pampering are all great things to look forward to when celebrating healthier life habits.  By remembering to reward yourself for the small things, you’ll enjoy the process more.

And the best thing is, that you have a brand new family – your Fitness family!  You are now a part of a gym full of people who want to help you succeed.  They have all been where you are (the new kid in the gym) and they are great resources to lean on for support.  The other members of the gym are always excited to share their journey, offer new meal ideas, celebrate your successes with you, and listen when you hit a rough patch.

I would like to conclude this guideline series with a simple statement.  Fitness is a journey.  If you feel tired and sick all the time when you come to us, that feeling will not change overnight.  It will take just as long to shake the bad habits as it did to create them.  If you follow Guideline #3 and tell the coaches what you need, they will be better equipped to help you set realistic goals and time frames for when you might start seeing improvements.

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