Stephanie showing out with Sled Drags! 
Stephanie showing out with Sled Drags! 

With the expansion quickly approaching (should be in the next 2-3 months!) there are a few big plans that I’d like to go ahead and put out there:

1- We will be starting a Kid Ninja class shortly after we have the extra space!

2- We will be starting a Weightlifting 101 class for anyone (members or not) that is looking to get better at the Clean & Jerk and Snatch.

3- We will be opening up the programming that Alex & I do- once we have the space, and a few more tires, kegs, etc…

> There are a few other classes that are being discussed at the moment, and we’ll keep you updated.



1) 15 to do as much work as possible:

    30 Burpees

    10 Cleans (95/65)

    20 Burpees

    10 Cleans (115/75)

    10 Burpees

    Max reps Cleans (135/95)

>Extra- Back Squat 5x 10 (heavy)


1) Back Squat – 15 min to set a 3rm

          (Goal is no missed reps!)

2) “Elizabeth”


Cleans (135/95)

Ring Dips

>Extra- Back Squat- max reps at 100% Bodyweight

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