Gym Announcements

Just wanted to update everyone on a few of the things coming up in our near future:

  1. We will be holding our Partner Competition on Saturday, November 7th. Partners can be mixed or same gender, and we will have Rx and Scaled divisions. We will get more details to you as soon as possible!
  2. We are very proud to be a part of the Three Wise Men Tribute on November 11th (Veterans Day). This is another great foundation and cause. To Learn More. To Sign Up to Complete at CF Penance! Be sure to do the “Nationwide Individual Registration”. I want to see a big group involved in this event!
  3. The preliminary date for our expansion has been set for December 1st! With the added space will also come a dedicated children’s area, more bathrooms, showers, and new classes! Some of the classes that we are hoping to bring in are: 
    1. Kid Ninja Class- a fun and engaging workout that uses bodyweight movements (crawling, climbing, jumping, etc.) to build strength, athleticism, balance, coordination, body awareness, endurance, etc…
    2. Ignite Class- designed to bring vitality back to an older population. Each class will begin and end with mobility work, with a lighter workout as the main course. You will not be seeing any Olympic Lifting in this class.
    3. Weight Lifting 101- Designed to go along with our normal CrossFit classes, the whole purpose here is to get better at the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.
    4. Also to be mentioned but may be a little later- Strongman and Powerlifting.
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