20 Rep Squat Program

I feel at this point that it is safe to say that our Performance individuals all would really like to push up their Squat and Deadlift numbers. So with that in mind, our Performance track will be starting the 20-Rep Squat Program. There have been multiple takes on how this should be set up, and we have chosen to take the Fitness Mayhem’s approach. On day 1 you will do 20 reps of Back Squat with 60% of your max. Every day that you do this after (Monday and Thursday) you will add 5 pounds to the bar and do 20 reps.

Now this is where we are going to break from Mayhem. When you can no longer do 20 reps with your prescribed weight, take 10% off and get back to it!

For an updated version of this protocol – check out our Sandbag Squat Finisher

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